Dear Customer,

We would like to invite your attention to the Reserve Bank of India guidelines on “Know Your Customers” (KYC) norms and obligations under PMLA 2002, which makes it mandatory for banks to periodically update records of the customer with latest information relating to their identity proof and address proof, e-mail ids, telephone numbers etc. Hence, we request the account holders to submit required documents along with KYC updation form at your Branch.

The list of KYC Documents and KYC Form is made available at the Branch or click here to download. For more details contact the Branch Manager of the concerned Branch. We appreciate your co-operation in complying with Regulatory requirements.

In case the requisite documents are not furnished the bank will be reluctantly compelled, in compliance with Reserve Bank of India guidelines, to freeze/close operations of KYC non-compliant account without any further notification, at the risk and responsibility and cost of the customer.”