LRD (Lease Rental Discounting)

LRD shceme is to raise funds for your business needs/investment against the future rent receivables of your self owned property

Purpose – For Working capital, repayment of debt, repayment of unsecured loan, acquiring fixed asset for business etc.

Maximum loan amount – Rs. 10.00 crores.
Maximum eligible loan amount will be equivalent to expected rent recievable as per Lease agreement (Net off TDS & Tax etc.).

Period of loan – Tenure will be equivalent to unexpired period of Lease as per agreement subject to maximum period of 10 years.

Rate of Interest – Click to Get 

Security – Mortgage of rented property with tri partite agreement between bank, borrower & lessee, remitting rent to bank and all powers to bank to recover rent.

Guarantors – Personal guarantee of the business entrepreneur and two guarantors with adequate Net worth and income commensurating with loan amount.

Process Fee – Please refer chart.

Other General terms & Conditions – Please contact nearest branch.