Mortgage OD / Term Loan

Purpose – To meet the working capital requirement of the business activity.
– To bridge the Net Working Capital.
– For purchase of plant/construction/renovation of factory / offices / shop / godown.
– For purchase of plant & machinery/equipment.
– Financing repayment of high cost debts.Maximum loan amount– Rs. 10.00 crores subject to need, based on performance an projections.Repayment Period
For working capital – 12 months subject to renewal based on performance.
For Term Loan – 36 months to maximum 120 months repayment period will be decided by the bank at its discretion on the basis of repaying capacity.Moratorium Period – In case of Term Loan- Based on business cycle maximum upto 6 to 9 months.

Rate of Interest – Click to Get 

Margin – 50% of fair market value of the property as per the valuation report.

Security – Mortgage of immovable property.

Guarantors – Personal guarantee of the business entrepreneur and two guarantors with adequate Net worth and income commensurating with loan amount.

Process Fee – Please refer chart.

Other General terms & Conditions – Please contact nearest branch.